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Portland Leadership Institute

Nourish the Leader Within You

Excellence in Leadership & Teambuilding

Nourish the Leader:

Jeanna's Experience

Looking back I see the major puzzle pieces that shape my life.

Nourish the Body: Growing up in a large Italian family, food played a major role in my life. I was in the kitchen helping prepare meals at a young age. When the family gathered on Sundays we were frequently cooking for 20 people. As an adult I’ve come to realize it isn’t cooking that I love; rather I love to feed people. I enjoy sitting down at the table and sharing good food. As a manager I frequently brought food into the office, especially when I knew we faced tough issues. Alan and I are considering workshops on Food and the Art of Negotiation, or hosting a “catered” lunch time leadership series in our home.

after the feast

Nourish the Mind: As undergraduate student I majored in Mathematics with a minor in Psychology. Little did I know that I was acquiring two critical pieces of my life’s puzzle. Psychology opened doors to understanding people while the math sharpened my analytical skills. These two disciplines were combined as I studied Applied Psychology for my Masters Degree. I am a student at heart, so I’m constantly going to “school” learn something new. Since leaving Corporate America I’ve become a licensed massage therapist and a certified doula.

Nourish the Soul: Traveling around the world has provided me with wonderful opportunities to witness the spiritual side of many cultures. In Peru we prayed daily, in Egypt I arose early hearing the morning prayer, and in Bali making offerings and praying is elevated to an art form. I have studied the indigenous cultures of the Peruvians and Native Americans, and I have become Cabrini Minister. Today, my practice stretches from being present for the first breath as a doula to witnessing the sacred last breathe as a hospice volunteer. Whether I’m sitting with a new Mom, praying with a dying person, or facilitating a circle, my guidance is respectful and heart based.

I now use the title Soul Mentor to describe my work. Soul Mentor is not a title you will find in Corporate America, so let me explain. A Soul Mentor opens a door so that you can find your path, meets you where you are, and creates an opportunity for your personal growth. So I invite you to join us on a journey to 

Excellence in Leadership: uncover what your soul longs for and answer the question “What do you want?”