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What Time Is It?

Posted on 11 October, 2012 at 22:24
We are watching the Vice Presidential debate, starting at 8 00 AM Friday.  In Portland you are watching it at 6:00 PM, Thursday.

Today's 4 baseball games began at midnight.  Actually they are not today's games; they were yesterday's.  If they happened yesterday, shouldn't I already know who won?

I watch a sports talk show called Mike and Mike in the morning.  I saw Thursday morning's show on Wednesday night, while Mike and Mike were in bed, preparing for the next show.

What time is it?  What day is it?

My class begins at 12:30.  Every day.  When do the students arrive?  When I walk into the room at 11:45 half of them are there.  By 12:15 they are all there.  Do they know what time it is?

I take a break and ask them to return in ten minutes.  At PSU I would be happy to have them back within 15 minutes.  Here?  They're all back within 7.

What time is it?

Class ends.  At PSU they start packing up 5-10 minutes before class ends.  Here?  I can teach  as late as I want, and they are happy to soak things up.  They are in no hurry to leave.  It's called respect; it's called being a bit more relaxed about time.

However:  If the bus is scheduled to pick us up at 7:00, we need to be there by 6:50.  Because by 7:00 it might have left. 

Time is a funny thing.  We time travel to get here, and we will arrive in PDX a few hours before we leave China next month.  We in America are in a hurry to get places, and things begin when they begin.  Here:  it's more relaxed, but on time is often 5 minutes early.  Except when it isn't.

It's all called culture.  We are who we are, and so are you. 

Categories: Teaching around the world

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